I’ve been an off-and-on Macabbi Tel-Aviv fan. Living in Israel from ’01-’07, I remember watching Anthony Parker and co. dominate their European competition en route to two consecutive Euroleague titles…Then, I moved back to the good ol’ US, where I had my hometown Bulls to watch. No more MJ=no more championships=no more home cooked fun for Eitan. But all’s good on this side of the pond and I’m back home in Israel; back where I belong with my Macabbi b-ball squad once again taking it to the competition.

The birds are a chirpin, the ladies are a singin (take my personal hero, Scarlett Johansson for example), and the world keeps on turning.

And now, for the moment y’all were so eagerly anticipating…this week’s Havel Haveilim posts (none of which consequently, covered Macabbi–or the wonderful world of b-ball):

  • On the Int’l Holocaust Remembrance Day:

By MK Moshe Feiglin of the Jewish Leadership on why he didn’t take the company trip to Aushwitz (the first 3

sentences say it all:)

Courtesy Jewish Leadership Blog

Courtesy Jewish Leadership Blog

“Earlier this week, two jets filled with most of the Knesset Members and their assistants took off for a visit in Auschwitz. I stayed here in Israel.

When the Jews were driven out of Spain during the Inquisition, we vowed never again to step foot in that cursed land. We kept that promise for hundreds of years.”


A poem by Ovadya ben Malka of A Damaged Mirror: On the Liberation of Birkenau: here are a few of the first lines:

“We are free
Free in the dead of winter.
Nothing grows
There is no sign of life
No sign that freedom is here
No change”

A very insightful post by Yael (also of A Damaged Mirror) on the same topic…a few of the first paragraphs:

It is ironic, and somehow appropriate, that Holocaust Remembrance Day is not commemorated in Israel. At least not on the same day as the rest of the world commemorates it. Truly, we are “a people that dwells alone.”

From Adventures in AliyahLand on the wonderful customer service and lack of English speakers in the said customer service in our ארץ :מולדת For English Press 4, Then Speak Hebrew:

A few tidbits:

So I press 4, right?  Because I speak E N G L I S H.  English is an option?  Yes, please!

And then you get some hold music, and maybe some announcements (in Hebrew) about how great their company is (or some such thing; I’m just guessing), and maybe they tell you how long you have to wait and what place you are in line (I like this feature).

And then… miracle of miracles, you are connected to the operator.

At which point they, say “Blah blah blah (in Hebrew), shalom!”  or “blah, blah, blah, blah, la’azor lachem?” (… help you?)

…and more from Advetures:

New Apt Video Tour (and might I say a hearty mazal tov to you on a new apt. May you see much nachat from your life there!)

“This video tour is presented by our 3 wonderful tour guides, each (kind of) more gracious than the next.  As always, the screaming and squabbling you have come to enjoy from our videos has not been edited out here.”

  • Israeli Politics, i.e. Bibi vs Bennett

From Batya Medad of Shiloh Musings on the Bibi-Bennett spat, on whether being a part of the coalition government is really a way into people’s hearts or if it’s just another “job:”

I Told You So…

Courtesy Batya Medad

Courtesy Batya Medad

The main man at Esser Agaroth on Naftali Bennett’s “Zionistic U-turn” i.e. his questioning Bibi’s negotiating strategy and perhaps calling a spade a spade:

Naftali Bennett’s Zionistic U-turn

  • Miscellaneous

Some pretty amazing pic’s of Jerusalem from 1844 courtesy Elder of Ziyon:

First Photos of Jerusalem (1844)

Courtesy Elder of Ziyon

Courtesy Elder of Ziyon

From Greg of Israel Unseen (A video of the mass prayer service held at the kotel against Kerry’s “peace” plan:

Prayer at Kotel Against Kerry’s Peace Plan

By Yid With a Lid on The Phenomenon of “The Witch” aka Hillary Clinton:

Please, No Hillary in 2016


So there y’all have it, folks. Another week, another Haveil Havelim. Please link to everyone on our FB page. Wishing everyone a Shabbat shalom and a Chodesh tov from Jerusalem, eternal capital of the Jewish State! May we know less Kerry and Obammuer and may the Phlishtim become a distant memory. May we merit the coming of Moshiach ben David soon and in our day!

Shabbat shalom!

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