Yes…nothing like grabbing the customer’s attention and inserting whatever company name/logo/brand you feel like once that’s been established. Subway just wanted to get the maximum returns for its investment. Kind of like smacking someone on the head to make sure they’re paying attention and then asking if they’d be interested in a sandwich. All in good fun!


Got a Giant Thirst?

Carrots are known for their nutritional value. They’re one of the healthiest vegetables around and it doesn’t take much to turn a carrot into carrot juice. But this company *may not* have been warned ahead of time that their extra-large carrot would be pointed directly at an attractive woman’s backside…because everyone gets a “giant thirst” once in a while…

Carrot Juice Mishap

Pork…the one you love

Advertising agencies dish out lots of money to make sure their billboard space is used effectively. But perhaps, the special talent who came up with this brilliant promotion for a Pattison oven wasn’t too keen on making his company look their best. Was it complete lack of awareness or was the creative genius behind this trying to sabotage the corporate giant? The worst thing here may be that we’ll never find out…Unless, of course, you really, really love pork…

Pork...the one you love

Just be ugly!

Using humor usually helps when it comes to creating a catchy marketing ploy that captures the hearts and minds of millions and rakes in the cash, but some attempts at humor may not necessarily bring in the desired returns. The folks behind this gem probably thought they’d come up with a master ploy to draw people’s attention and get them to lose some extra pounds. Looks like they forgot that insulting your target audience could work against you.

Fat or Ugly?