L.A. Lakers’ former MVP and 5-time NBA champion, Kobe Bryant isn’t known as the nicest of people. He’s gotten into small-time scraps with opposing players from time to time, and isn’t the perfect teammate as reported by multiple sources over the years. But the great thing is (and this is really, really great) that LA is likely to miss the playoffs outright. I certainly hope they will!

Kobe landed akwardly after missing a fadeaway in the final seconds of Wednesday’s loss to Atlanta. He claims that Dhantay Jones, who was guarding him on the play, purposely stuck his foot out to prevent all-powerful Kobe from landing right. Having watched video of the play, my feeling is that Bryant is just upset about missing the shot, and that he likes to cry to the press about his little run-in’s with players like Jones, whom he apparently has some history with.

In other NBA news, Miami has now won 20 straight. I don’t think the Heat will lose again till well into the playoffs, perhaps the Conference Finals–or even the Championship. I’m beyond certain the Heat will win it all this year. It doesn’t exactly take a brain surgeon to predict this much.

Who’ll win it all in 2014? My first pick would be Miami again, but a few teams from the West such as the Clippers and Oklahoma City might have a decent shot too. I’m prepared to count out San Antonio for the next few years. That’s one team you shouldn’t expect much from, especially when Duncan, Parker and Ginobili are set to retire a few years down the line.

When will it finally be Chicago’s turn to rule supreme? DRose should be ready to go next season, and we might actually make some noise in ’14, but don’t expect a finals run. Miami is just too good with their 3-Headed Monster. Maybe when the Heat finally disolve their roster or at least trim it a little bit, Da Bulls will gain some type of momentum in the East. I think maybe 2016 will be that magical year for Chicago. Why 2016? I don’t know, it just sounds good!